Precision Health and Everyday Democracy

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Precision Health and Everyday Democracy (PHED) International Conference and Workshop

1st-2nd October 2019 conference, workshop on the 3rd. Jointly hosted by Lund and Malmö University


Recent advances within healthcare and medical research have been uneven globally, but also within nation-states, with the result that there is growing interest in the relevance of both environmental and genomic factors in determining how best to treat patients and ensure a healthy society. At the same time, health has become an increasingly central issue within how societies mark out their borders and internal structures, excluding those without the sufficient residency papers, or segregating access along wealth, racial, or gender lines. In that context, health practitioners have spoken increasingly of ’Precision Health’, meaning greater understanding and collection of data that is sensitive to these disparities so as to better tailor healthcare towards different communities, both to enhance well-being, but counter the worst consequences of societal inequalities. Drawing on the Social Sciences, health is understood as a central mechanism not only for enhancing welfare, but also through which everyday people experience being part of society. For over two decades, scholars working in both the Health and Social Sciences have spoken of ’Health Democracy’ – using democratic models to enhance patient access to healthcare, but also to better study the role of healthcare and medical research within society. We use the term ’everyday democracy’ to move further in that direction, understanding mundane medical and health interactions as fundamental to the shaping of contemporary society.


The conference builds upon this diverse discussion, bringing together a highly interdisciplinary group of scholars from the Medical, Health, and Social Sciences to debate these themes. The workshop that follows will take the more themes developed during the conference and, through engaging health practitioners, consider the implications for present as well as future healthcare and medical research.


The event is part of the Precision Health and Everyday Democracy (PHED) project, funded by the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT - Stiftelsen för internationalisering av högre utbildning och forskning).


To attend the conference, please email, using the subject ’PHED conference’ no later than 1st July 2019. Those wishing to present a paper should attach a paper abstracts (max 250 words). There is no conference fee. Participants in need of financial assistance with travel and accommodation should include a note with their abstract, and there request will be considered based on the available budget and the role in the conference and workshop.


Those wishing to join the workshop on the third day should note this when emailing us, since there are limited seats and the composition will be decided by the conference organisers after registration.

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