PhD Methodology Course: Empirical Applications of Discourse and Post-Structural Analysis

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This one-day advanced PhD methodology course (May 14, 2-6pm) aims to stimulate collegial
discussion between faculty and students in Warwick Business School, the
Centre of Applied Linguistics and the broader University.
PhD student participants will be able to present their research informally
and to flesh out their ideas with other discourse theorists. If you are
interested in building a stronger internal and inter-disciplinary network of
colleagues around an interest in discourse analysis, and/or discuss your
data or paper abstract with experts of the field, then this is an event for
For the workshop, PhD student participants (in subjects such as, applied
linguistics, social, political and organizational theory) are encouraged to
circulate a three-page outline of their research beforehand so that all those
attending have a chance to be familiar with the work in advance of the

Workshop presenters:
Jason Glynos, University of Essex, Department of Government
Johannes Angermuller, University of Warwick, Center of Applied Linguistics
Alessia Contu, University of Warwick, Warwick Business School

Jason Glynos teaches political theory at the Department of Government,
University of Essex. He has published in the areas of poststructuralist
political theory and Lacanian psychoanalysis, focusing on theories of
ideology, democracy, and freedom, and the philosophy and methodology of
social science. He is co-author of Logics of Critical Explanation in Social and
Political Theory (Routledge, 2007), and co-editor of Politics and the
Unconscious (Special Issue of Subjectivity, 2010). His current research
explores the contributions of discourse analysis and psychoanalysis to the
development of a critical political economy.
After teaching sociology in Germany, Johannes Angermuller is now
Professor of Discourse at the Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of
Warwick. His area of expertise is in political, academic and intellectual
discourses at the crossroads of language and society (http://www.johannesangermuller.
net). He is currently leader of the ERC DISCONEX research
group “The Discursive Construction of Academic Excellence” at Warwick and
EHESS, Paris. He coordinates DiscourseNet:, where you can register and receive
discourse-related calls.
Alessia Contu taught at UMIST (Manchester) then worked as a lecturer at
Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) for six years. She was
visiting fellow at Massey University, New Zealand in 2005. She is an AIM
associate; a series editor of the Critical Management Study Series, Palgrave
Macmillan, and board member of the International Journal of Zizek Studies
and Organization Studies.
Registration Refreshments will be provided, and there is no charge for attendance.
Both student-spectators and presenter-participants need to
register in order to attend.
Edouard Pignot, Warwick Business School
Those willing to present their research need to send
their outlines to Angela
Heap before the 10th of May so that everybody will be able to read
everybody else's papers :